SHINE is an initiative developed and run for over five years, visiting schools in South Yorkshire, seeing thousands of young people inspired to live life better by raising their aspirations for life.  We want to inspire young people to creatively look for ways in which the can make a positive difference in their home, schools and local communities.

“Following SHINE our students have gone away thinking that they can change their future and make choices for themselves
– to be individuals who can make a change in their world, in their own personal lives and also to society.”

Mrs Mary Pryce, RE Teacher and Head of Personal Development Department, The Hayfield School, Doncaster.

“The bands have really inspired the students to want to do something in life. I’m convinced some have actually changed from the direction they were going in, and they’ve said that to us.”

Dean Webster, Co-Headteacher, Newfield School, Sheffield

“It’s been really great to have the bands in. They’ve done a fantastic job at connecting with the students and reinforcing the same messages that we give all the time about respecting others, taking responsibility and demonstrating kindness and generosity. The students, for whatever reason, tend to listen to the bands more than us!”

Gareth Ingle, Firth Park Academy, Sheffield

“The students have loved the music as we knew they would, but principally they have loved the message that the bands are putting across and that is what we wanted.”

Mrs Jill Pollard, Head teacher at DeWarenne Academy, Conisbrough

The Plan busy recording their debut album

By | April 21st, 2016|

Shine schools band, The Plan, are currently recording their debut album featuring songs written and recorded by the band.

Shine Doncaster

By | September 21st, 2015|

Last week was Shine Sheffield: 5 Christian bands in 5 schools around Sheffield for 5 days. It was a fantastic week full of performances from the bands as well as testimonies and teaching on respect and